PRN 40th Anniversary History Book

In honor of their 40 years of service, Prairie Rivers asked us to document their good deeds in a keepsake book for their members and posterity. There was quite a bit of hand-work that went into the final production, including … Continue reading


Celebrating 45 Years

Has it really been that long? We began working with Prairie Rivers Network well before their 40th Anniversary (logo below) and in the time since we’ve created some great work together. As they are creeping up on the 45th Anniversary … Continue reading

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PRN Overview Brochure

Prairie Rivers Network is always looking for members and donors. They requested something smaller cheaper than their corporate brochure to be distributed by staff, board members and volunteers at the many events they attend annually. We created this double-parallel number … Continue reading


PRN Website

A “mid-cycle” freshening to the Prairie Rivers Network website we designed way back in 2007. The new design features more images, a “Latest Topics” feed, and more useful social media connections. We’re pushing the WordPress CMS to it’s limits here … Continue reading


PRN Guide Book Series

We created these “Guide Books” to better describe Prairie Rivers Network’s involvement with Stormwater Management and Illinois River Anti-Degradation issues in Illinois. What started out as generic, boring white papers hundreds of pages in length magically turned into something interesting … Continue reading