CURB Website

Urbana’s old static HTML website housed huge amounts of information including a number of online payment opportunities, information/requirements and applications for various permits, city code, required announcements/documentation for public meetings and many archived documents and downloadable PDFs. We worked collaboratively and iteratively with the website steering committee and IT leadership to build the site map, select “content types” needed to accommodate Urbana’s information, and to install nodes/modules to create functionality and features needed. McKenzie Wagner custom designed a Drupal website to fit Urbana’s requirements. We worked with the marketing steering committee to develop the design that fit with their new branding strategy.

One major organizational goal was to move content generation and ownership to the departmental level—both to reduce the rework of departments developing content in one format and the IT department reformatting it to put on the site—and to engage departments in posting current, interesting and positive information about their areas to keep the site alive. Once there was sufficient content and structure on the staging site and the mechanical structures had been tested and tweaked, MW helped to demo the site and train the early users. Urbana retained responsibility for migrating their content to the new site, and IT staff assumed the training of the majority of departmental users. We provided a training document as a refresher to infrequent users and future new users.

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