SCVB The Mis-Adventures of Lil’ Abe

For the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Meeting & Convention Planners Campaign we wanted a spokesman, a character, and a cheerleader. In Abraham Lincoln we got them all. Who better to represent a city than its favorite son? But since this is a fun campaign, targeting people who have seen and heard practically everything, an ordinary, stoic & stuffy Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t do no matter how funny he actually was. Our Lincoln needed to be unique, unusual, memorable, humorous, and accommodating to our creative needs.

The concept for Lil Abe was to make him a fish out of water. He’s forever stuck in the 1860s and unaware of the city Springfield has become. Through his eyes we can begin to sell the features and amenities of Lincoln’s hometown in a fresh and entertaining way.

Shot guerrilla style – and often one-handed – using a simple Canon HD camcorder on a shoe-string budget.

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