Porter Athletic Facilities Catalog

Porter Athletic is known for their quality sports equipment, in fact they’ve been outfitting gyms across the globe for more than 100 years. New products and product improvements have spurred new ways of thinking and they invited us to help as they refocused their efforts on the facilities market.

Our directive was to create new materials designed to engage architects and athletic directors in a more compelling way than they had done before. We were to strengthen their credibility and reinvent their brand, while highlighting Porter as the “single-source custom solution provider.”

We designed this Facilities Catalog to be more appealing to architects in its sophistication and presentation of content and brand messaging.  However, effort was made to ensure they never lost sight of the reasons why these facilities were being built in the first place. The passion, attitude and excitement of athletics needed to live on the page as a constant reminder.

Porter’s bad experiences in the past with models and athletes limited our options for photography to facilities only. We spent several days in Nashville on location shooting Porter product, but we were missing the energy of the athlete. In order to convey that energy, we developed a unique solution. Our wire-frame illustrations allow for custom athletic poses that worked with the design of the page, and give us brand elements that can easily be extended into any sport and on any piece.