First Federal Savings Bank Branding


For over one hundred years, First Federal has been serving the Champaign-Urbana community. In that time, many things have changed, but their commitment to the customer has always been the top priority. While many logos have been the face of First Federal over the past century, their reputation, dedication and the honest desire to help their customers get what they want out of life has always been the face of this financial institution. We were thrilled at the opportunity to rebrand this local icon, and provide them with a brand standards manual to help prepare them for the needs of tomorrow.

FFSB_rebrand__03 FFSB_rebrand__02The eagle has represented First Federal in one way or another for decades. It’s a symbol of strength, protection, and national pride. The new mark we created retains these qualities while adding the sense of motion, progress and vitality. It draws inspiration from the forms of an eagle in flight, traditional shield insignia, as well as First Federal’s past. These themes reinforce the ideas of security, protection, strength and stability. The abstracted, simplified shapes and brighter color palette emphasize a clean and contemporary design that makes the logo far more adaptable to the ever-changing technological needs of the future.




From the beginning, the idea was to design a logo with the ability to adapt to new services and brands. Creating consistency across all brands will elevate all communications with customers and strengthen their overall message. All logos going forward will use the new icon, with color and text being the brand identifier. Doing this gives audiences the proper context for how ancillary brands fit into the First Federal organization with less explanation than before. At the same time, the color shift will provide enough differentiation between brands to retain a unique identity.
FFSB_rebrand__06 FFSB_rebrand__07 FFSB_rebrand__08  FFSB_rebrand__10 FFSB_rebrand__11 FFSB_rebrand__12 FFSB_rebrand__13 FFSB_rebrand__14 FFSB_rebrand__15 FFSB_rebrand__16 FFSB_rebrand__17 FFSB_rebrand__19FFSB_rebrand__18 FFSB_rebrand__21 FFSB_rebrand__22 FFSB_rebrand__23 FFSB_rebrand__24 FFSB_rebrand__25 FFSB_rebrand__26 FFSB_rebrand__27

First Federal’s goal as a financial institution is to help their customers get what they want out of life. It has been that way since 1908. They pride themselves on their exceptional customer service. Whether it be a car, a home, an education, or saving for the future, First Federal wants to be the financial institution trusted most. We crafted a tagline to accompany the new branding. One that clearly defines the bank’s goals – to help turn dreams into a reality.

Get what you want out of life.

“Get what you want out of life” doesn’t define what our customer wants. We’re not pretending to know what they want, we’re leaving it up to them, which is a much stronger statement.

FFSB_rebrand__28 FFSB_rebrand__29 FFSB_rebrand__30 FFSB_rebrand__31 FFSB_rebrand__32 FFSB_rebrand__33 FFSB_rebrand__34 FFSB_rebrand__35 FFSB_rebrand__36 FFSB_rebrand__37 FFSB_rebrand__38