Research Press Book Covers


A collection of book cover designs for Research Press Publishers. Research Press is an independent, family-owned business specializing in effective intervention programs for mental health professionals, social workers, special educators, psychologists and school counselors. It was a conscience decision to make these covers standout in what is a very stagnate and conventional marketplace. These titles don’t look like all the other books in this industry, and that’s the point.

RPP_Books__02 RPP_Books__03 RPP_Books__04 RPP_Books__05 RPP_Books__06 RPP_Books__07 RPP_Books__08 RPP_Books__09 RPP_Books__10 RPP_Books__11 RPP_Books__12 RPP_Books__13 RPP_Books__14 RPP_Books__15 RPP_Books__16 RPP_Books__17 RPP_Books__18 RPP_Books__19 RPP_Books__20 RPP_Books__21 RPP_Books__22 RPP_Books__23 RPP_Books__24 RPP_Books__25 RPP_Books__26 RPP_Books__27 RPP_Books__29








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