Illinois Athletics Branding

UIIA_ReBrand__01In an effort to refresh and strengthen the brand of the Illinois Athletic Development office, we updated their mark. The new logo has been crafted to help unify the I Fund brand and it’s messaging going forward.

This logo incorporates elements of the Nike rebrand and is consistent with those efforts in both color and typography, while maintaining the equity in the mark that represented the Athletic Development office for decades. The new logo has much greater flexibility for any range of application (including motion). We created multiple versions for scale, orientation and color variation.


UIIA_ReBrand__02UIIA_ReBrand__03UIIA_ReBrand__04Additionally, we created a complete graphic standards manual that includes the obvious stuff like safe-space, color, font and usage. The standards manual also included hierarchy rules when using the logo with other design elements like the Victory Shield, as well as sample executions of collateral, promotional items and messaging.


UIIA_ReBrand__05 UIIA_ReBrand__06 UIIA_ReBrand__07