Bell Racing USA Through the Visor Video Contest


Bell Racing approached us with the desire to do a video contest for 2015. They already had a great grand prize of $10,000 and a customer base that regularly uses videos to promote themselves, but needed some help with the overall direction of the contest. We created a name, identity, and theme with the idea that the winning video submission should capture the excitement, dedication, and passion of racing. The same passion that has been driving Bell for over 60 years. Additionally, these submissions allow us access to some incredible customer footage that’s genuine and authentic for use in future marketing and promotional endeavors.BELL_TTV__03Using racing stripes and the illusion of depth, we create the outline of a contemporary Bell helmet with simple forms. The negative space defines the visor area which directly ties into the video contest theme. The racing stripes not only define the helmet, they emphasize Bell’s racing heritage and motor-sports in general. The logo is exceedingly flexible in application and offers a unique, modern approach in its execution.




Through The Visor from McKenzie Wagner on Vimeo.