Amish Country of Illinois Branding


The communities of Arthur, Arcola, Tuscola and Sullivan are an unexpected combination of rural heritage and contemporary amenities. Collectively, they realized visitors were actively looking for more genuine experiences and that what they have to offer is appealing in both quantity and quality. They were interested in promoting their unique destination as one, and approached us to brand their partnership and help them leverage their collective power.
Rooted in their history, the logo is an interpretation of the geographic locations of the four Amish Country of Illinois towns relative to one another. Additional inspiration comes from motifs such as quilting and patchwork, barns, fields, growth and the natural colors of the landscape. The typography, set in Neutraface, compliments the geometric drawing of the icon as well as reinforces the ideas of simplicity, compassion and nostalgia. Using shapes and patterns rooted in tradition and collective history we’re creating a brand whose sum is greater than its parts.



For those that have traveled here before, “Travel Back” is an invitation to return. For others, it conjures up a time and place where quality goods built by artisans and craftsmen were the norm. Drawing strength from its duality, the tagline is a call to action and a nostalgic reminder of simpler times. It’s spoken with an authentic voice and helps deliver on the brand promise of a quality product and a unique visitor experience.ACOI_Branding__05 ACOI_Branding__06 ACOI_Branding__07 ACOI_Branding__08 ACOI_Branding__09 ACOI_Branding__11