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What drives our creative work? We keep the perspective of your purpose in mind from start to finish.

Being creative is definitely more fun than work, but it’s still something we take very seriously. Every concept, layout and headline is backed by the question, “What’s best for your business?” That’s why behind every creative concept is a sound strategy that’s grounded in real-world results. We passionately focus on your needs as though they are ours and devote ourselves to creating advertising and marketing solutions that are uniquely your own.

Browse our work and you’ll see something strikingly similar – everything is unique. McKenzie Wagner doesn’t have a “house-style” and we pride ourselves on that fact. The work is crafted for you and your industry as well as the needs and expectations of the consumer.

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Advertise to consumer similarities, market to their differences.

McKenzie Wagner, Inc. is a small advertising agency with big ideas. We mitigate our clients’ common marketing concerns by implementing strategic, and innovative creative solutions. We believe in the power of branded goods and services, and strive to build our clients’ strong names, and stronger reputations. We offer cutting-edge creative efforts and consumer-savvy marketing messages designed to stand out, make a statement, and leave an impression. Above all, we are dedicated to the growth of the businesses we represent.

  • Expertise
  • Services
  • Thinking

McKenzie Wagner has been
solving problems creatively
since 1993, and in that time
we've told countless stories
in compelling and consistent
ways across many industries
and disciplines.

We've been fortunate over the years to have had clients large and small in almost every industry imaginable. Health care? Check. Tourism? You bet. Higher Education? For sure. But what's our niche you might ask. The honest answer is we don't have one. Niche agencies tend to approach every client and assignment the same way. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work for their clients, who end up stuck with creative that looks and sounds like everything else out there.

While we have tons of industry experience we evaluate every client and every assignment individually, and base our recommendations on how to best meet your specific goals. You could say we specialize in giving clients what they need. How's that for a niche?


The pursuit of big ideas takes a tremendous amount of effort. It also takes more than just creative folks to nail it. Great thinking, innovative ideas and creative problem-solving cross boundaries and disciplines. That's why McKenzie Wagner has always been a full-service agency. Full-service means harder working media dollars, greater brand consistency, and an end-to-end process that uses every tool available to promote your brand.

  • Advertising / Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding / Identity
  • Web / Interactive
  • Collateral Systems
  • Motion & Video
  • Digital Strategy & Design
  • Media Planning
  • Public Relations

We are thoughtful.
It's in our DNA and
central to our culture.

We know you can get pretty creative from a lot of people – but the best creative work (that actually works) comes from people who think beyond the layout. At McKenzie Wagner our goal is to create advertising that sells your product - plain and simple. In every medium, in every discipline, our work speaks to the dedication, passion and thoughtfulness to doing what's best and what's right for our clients.

Over the years we've provided sound counsel to countless clients looking for more than just attractive creative. We've been there to work through every question and concern, reliably dispensing expert advice and offering innovative solutions to answer challenges of all kinds, big and small. We'd love to put our thinking to use for you.

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The unsung value of the generalist in a specialist world.

In today’s world there is no shortage of specialists. They are everywhere. Specializing in just about every narrow niche you care to name. Here at McKenzie Wagner we appreciate specialists – in fact we even have a few. After all, the world wouldn’t run without them. But we also celebrate the seemingly lost under-acknowledged value of the generalist. What is a generalist? We define it as someone who is willing to step outside their area of specialization to make observations and decisions based on a more diverse palette of sources.

Why is this important? Because it leads to integrated thinking.

McKenzie Wagner is a good-natured, hardworking group of professionals, specialists and generalists who genuinely enjoy what we do. That makes us refreshingly pleasant to work with and remarkably easy to approach.

  • Chad McKenzie

    Creative Director // EVP

  • Jill Wagner

    President // Media Director

  • Lydia Seno

    Client Service // Social Media Executive

  • Jake Kelley

    Lead Designer

  • Chris Wahlfeldt

    Web Developer

  • Hanora Kaler



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