East St. Louis Higher Education Campus

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The East St. Louis Higher Education Campus provides educational opportunities, childcare assistance, dental services, and a myriad of other programming opportunities for residents of southern Illinois.

Partnering with Lewis and Clark Community College, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and Southwestern Illinois College, the Higher Education Campus operates programs funded through federal, state and local grants, delivering a multi-generational approach to educational programs and services that provide opportunities for education, life skills and economic mobility.

The East St. Louis Higher Education Center needed a visual identity that could work in any instance and communicate a wide range of messages.

Our solution was a unique interpretation of traditional higher education insignia — the shield.

While the left side of our shield identifies the institution, the right side is a representation of the East St. Louis Gateway Geyser fountain in Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park. This graphic also serves as an abstract, uplifting image, representing growth and the path to success the Higher Education Center can help its students achieve. Although the icon and typography have been created with modern components, we have designed the logo to fit alongside traditional higher education brands, leaving us with a classic design made up of contemporary parts.